The City Museum

One month ago we went to the city museum in Saint Louis, Missouri. It was huge! They used a lot of recycled things like metal hoops and iron bars. They had different sections like a cave section and an art section. In the art section you could make a wallpaper flower and an animal snowflake. My snowflake was a frog. I bought a book telling you how to make a rag doll. Then you could go on the roof! There was a carousel that made me feel sick from going round and round, but I went on it twice because I liked the scary feeling! There also was a big, long metal slide that went so fast my buttons got hot from going down it. So far it has been my favorite museum.

To see the video my dad took of our time at the City Museum, click here. To read my mom’s perspective of the City Museum, click here and my brother’s thoughts are found here.

8 thoughts on “The City Museum”

  1. Hey Ashlyn!
    I would love to see you do a tutorial video of the wallpaper flower, animal snowflake, and/or rag doll! (If it’s a good option after discussing internet security with your parents, first.) 🙂

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