Sliding Down The Sand Dunes (In The Outer Banks, North Carolina)

We were just going home from the Wright brothers National Park when dad saw a huge group of people gathered on a sand hill. We decided to take a peak. All of us got out of the car (we first parked it;) and started going up and up and up in bare feet, everyone, even mom and dad hiked in bare feet! Now you have to remember it was a sand dune so it was very tempting to go in bare feet.

Sand dunes
The one second closest to land is me;)

After awhile we made it to the top. It was so worth it! Us kids got a running start and… leaped off the edge of the dune. I’m going to leave you hanging there for a moment. Ha ha ha ha, get it? Hanging!? We landed on soft sand and realized it was a lot harder going up the dune than down because our feet kept slipping in the sand.

If you ever go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, please try to go to the large dune in Jockey’s Ridge State Park. You will not regret it especialy if you have kids, I can tell you that! Hope you enjoyed the blog.;)

My mom wrote about her experience at the sand dunes too. You can read her Jockey’s Ridge State Park post here.

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