Meeting Gracie

Here is the story on how we got our cat, Gracie. One normal day we all went to Costco to get some groceries. When we passed by the pet isle I said, “Look mom, cat food!” and dad said, “Wow look mom this would be good for a cat!” and then mom and dad told us kids to stay here and they went over to talk.


When they came back they had BIG news. My dad got out his phone and started videoing us and said, “Well we have not told the kids yet, but we are going to get a cat today.” I gasped and started jumping up and down and saying, “We are going to get a cat, we are going to get a cat!” We did not find the right cat that day, but about two days later we found her.

It took awhile to pick the right name, but we soon picked Gracie. She is an orange and white cat that is potty trained. Well that is all, except her getting situated which took awhile, but that is all. Bye!

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